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Data Type : Agents
CDACTIONNEWSLETTER - Generate Newsletter action CD record.

#include <queryods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   WSIG  Header;
   DWORD dwFlags;      /* flags */
   DWORD dwGather;     /* gather at least n documents */
   WORD  wViewNameLen; /* View to use to display data */
   WORD  wSpare;
     /* View name follows */
     /* To field follows */
  /* cc field follows */
  /* bcc field follows */
  /* Subject field follows */
     /* Body field follows */

Description :

A CDACTIONNEWSLETTER record is stored in fields of type TYPE_ACTION, usually the action field of an Agent. When the agent containing this action is run, a "newsletter" is generated. A newsletter consists of a doclink to each note identified by the query segment of this Agent. The fields in this structure are:

      Header Defines this composite data item as a CDACTIONNEWSLETTER item.
      dwFlags Option flags (see ACTIONNEWSLETTER_FLAG_xxx).
      dwGather Minimum number of documents to gather.
      wViewNameLen Length, in bytes, of the name of the view used to display the data
      wSpare Reserved; must be 0.
      wFieldLen Array of lengths for the send mail fields

    This record is followed by the string values for the view name and the send mail fields, in packed format (no NULL terminators). The strings contain:
      ViewName Name of view used to display the data
      To Recipient list
      cc Courtesy copy recipient list
      bcc "Blind" courtesy copy recipient list
      Subject Message subject
      Body Message body

    Note: Newsletter formula flags are the same as sendmail flags, so do not use the ACTIONSENDMAIL_FLAG_xxx flag values for newsletter flags.