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Function : AddIn
AddInSecondsHaveElapsed - Determine if a number of seconds has elapsed.

#include <addin.h>
BOOL LNPUBLIC AddInSecondsHaveElapsed(

    DWORD  Seconds);
Description :

AddInSecondsHaveElapsed is used to schedule processing at regular intervals.
Correct operation of this function depends on AddInIdle being called regularly.

The algorithm used is as follows:
 Let itime = the time at which the Add-In program was started
 Let mins = the specified # of minutes (argument 1)
 Let stime = the earliest time after itime that is evenly divisible by

seconds. Then, this routine will return TRUE if the current time is later then stime, FALSE otherwise.

Parameters : Input : Seconds - The time interval to check for in seconds.

Output : (routine) - TRUE if the specified interval (in seconds) has elapsed.

Sample Usage :

      else if (AddInSecondsHaveElapsed(20))
           /* Execute the "every 20 seconds" instructions */
           sec_double += 20.0;
           AddInSetStatus(MSG_SMKADDN_TWENTYSECOND, 0L);
           AddInFormatError(error_msg, MSG_SMKADDN_TWENTYSECOND, 0L);
           AddInLogMsg(MSG_SMKADDN_NAMESTUB, error_msg);

           /* Create a 3 string arg error_msg from 3 numeric values*/
           sprintf(scratch_str1, "%lf", day_double);
           sprintf(scratch_str2, "%lf", min_double);
           sprintf(scratch_str3, "%lf", sec_double/20.0);
           AddInFormatError(error_msg, MSG_SMKADDN_STATS,
                           scratch_str1, scratch_str2, scratch_str3);
           AddInLogMsg(MSG_SMKADDN_NAMESTUB, error_msg);
See Also : AddInIdle AddInDayHasElapsed AddInShouldTerminate AddInMinutesHaveElapsed