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Function : Text List Manipulation
ListGetSize - Returns the size of a text list.

#include <textlist.h>

    void far *pList,
    BOOL  fPrefixDataType);
Description :

This function returns the size of the entire text list, including the Domino data type item prefix (if present) + the size of the LIST header + the size of the array containing offsets to the beginning of each entry, and the text of all entries.

Parameters : Input : pList - void far * containing the address of the LIST.

fPrefixDataType - BOOL indicating whether or not the text list is prefixed with a WORD containing the Domino data type. TRUE if list was obtained from an existing note using NSFItemInfo and FALSE if the text list has just been created using ListAllocate.

Output : (routine) - Return contains the size of the specified text list in BYTEs

Sample Usage :

   list_size = ListGetSize (list_ptr, prefix_flag);
See Also : ListAddEntry ListAddText ListAllocate ListGetNumEntries ListGetText ListRemoveEntry