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Data Type : Composite Data
CDFIELD - Defines the attributes of a field in a form.

#include <editods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   WSIG Header;
   WORD Flags;           /* Field Flags (see Fxxx) */
   WORD DataType;        /* Alleged NSF Data Type */
   WORD ListDelim;       /* List Delimiters (LDELIM_xxx and
                            LDDELIM_xxx) */
   NFMT NumberFormat;    /* Number format, if applicable */ 
   TFMT TimeFormat;      /* Time format, if applicable */
   FONTID FontID;        /* displayed font */
   WORD DVLength;        /* Default Value Formula */
   WORD ITLength;        /* Input Translation Formula */
   WORD TabOrder;        /* Order in tabbing sequence */
   WORD IVLength;        /* Input Validity Check Formula */
   WORD NameLength;      /* NSF Item Name */
   WORD DescLength;      /* Description of the item */
   WORD TextValueLength; /* (Text List) List of valid text
                            values */
/* Now comes the variable part of the struct... */

Description :

This defines the structure of a CDFIELD record in the $Body item of a form note. Each CDFIELD record defines the attributes of one field in the form.

Each form note contains a $Body field. The $Body field is of type TYPE_COMPOSITE. For each field in the form, there is one CDFIELD record in the $Body field of the form note.

Header: Defines this composite data item as a CDFIELD item.
Flags: Defines some field attributes (see Fxxx).
DataType Defines the datatype of the field being defined (see FIELD_TYPE_xxx).
ListDelim Defines the delimiters used to separate multi-values in a field. See LDELIM_xxx, LDDELIM_xxx.
NumberFormat If this is a number field, defines the number format. See NFMT.
TimeFormat If this is a timedate field, defines the time format. See TFMT.
FontID Defines the font to be used in this field. See FONTID.
DVLength Length of this field's compiled Default Value formula.
ITLength Length of this field's compiled Input Translation formula.
TabOrder Order in tabbing sequence.
IVLength Length of this field's compiled Input Validity Check formula.
NameLength Length of the name of this field.
DescLength Length of the description of this field.
TextValueLength If this field is a keyword field, the length of the Text_List containing the acceptable values for this keyword field.

The above items are then followed by a series of zero or more packed strings, corresponding to the "length" parameters listed above. These packed strings must appear in the same order as the "length" parameters

If the field defined by a CDFIELD record is a keyword field, and the list of keywords is generated by a formula, then the ListEntries member of the Text_List datatype should be set to zero, and the formula will immediately follow the LIST header of the Text_List.

Since the $Body field has type TYPE_COMPOSITE, API programs that run on non-Intel architecture platforms must perform host/canonical conversion on CDFIELD records when accessing the $Body field of a form note.

Additional field information specific to Release 4 of Notes may be present, in the form of a CDEXTFIELD record. Please refer to that entry for more information. Additional field information specific to Release 5 of Domino may be present, in the form of a CDEXT2FIELD record. Please refer to that entry for more information.

See Also : CDEXT2FIELD CDEXTFIELD NSFItemAppend ODSReadMemory ODSWriteMemory