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Function : OLE
NSFNoteOLEGetAssociateFileOnObject - Get a specified associated attachment ($FILE) on an OLE object.

#include <nsfasc.h>

    NOTEHANDLE  hNote,
    char *pszObjName,
    DHANDLE far *ppszAttachmentName,
    DWORD  dwId);
Description :

The name returned is in OSMemAlloc'd memory. It is the caller's responsibility to free this memory.

Parameters : Input : hNote - Handle of the OLE object's note.

pszObjName - Pointer to the name of the OLE object.

dwId - Id of the attachment to get. Ids start at zero.

Output : (routine) - Return indicates either success or what the error is. The return codes include:

NOERROR - Operation was successful.

ERR_ARGS_INVALID - A required argument (hNote, pszObjName, phszAttachmentName) was not supplied.

ERR_ASSOCITEM_NOITEMS - There are no files associated with the OLE object.

ERR_ITEM_NOT_FOUND - Attachment (dwId) not found.

ERR_xxx - STATUS returned from a lower level Notes function call. Use OSLoadString and display/log the error.

ppszAttachmentName - Pointer to the location where the handle to the name of the attachment is placed upon return.

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