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Chapter 2-2

The HCL C API Reference contains detailed descriptions of:

  • Functions
  • Data types
  • Symbolic values

    Use the HCL C API Reference to check the syntax of C API functions when writing C API programs.
    Function entries in the Reference explain what each function does and the type and meaning of each parameter. Data type entries explain the type and meaning of each structure member. Symbolic value entries enumerate the values of flags and parameters. Many entries include sample code that demonstrates proper use of the function, structure or symbol.

    NOTE: The Reference contains a description of every function in the HCL C API and the vast majority of the data types and symbols. If you cannot find a data structure or symbol, look directly in the include (.h) files in the include directory.

    The HCL C API Reference is a Domino database. To use this database:

        1) Using Notes, add the icon for the HCL C API Reference database to your workspace. Assuming you installed the HCL C API Toolkit for Domino and Notes in the default directory, the reference database is located in \notesapi\doc.

    HCL C API Notes/Domino 14.0.0 Reference

        2) Open the Reference database and read the policy document that appears. (It only appears automatically the first time you open the database.)

        3) Press ESCAPE to exit from the policy document and see the default reference view.

        4) Use the navigator pane to switch to other views as needed.

        5) If you need help on using the views, select Help - Using This Database.

    NOTE To IBM i USERS: The examples in the Reference assume an ASCII environment. For information on creating an ASCII-like environment with IBM i, see the chapter, Building IBM i Applications.