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Function : Dir
DirEntryItemAdd - Overwrites the values of an entry item.

#include <direntry.h>

    DIRENTRY  hEntry,
    const char *itemName,
    WORD  itemDataType,
    const void *itemVal,
    DWORD  itemValLen);
Description :

If the item does not exist then it is created. If it does already exist then its values are replaced. Note that this routine only affects the in-memory hEntry object. The changes are written to the directory entry only after a subsequent DirEntryUpdate() operation on the hEntry.

Parameters : Input : hEntry - Handle to the entry whose item is to be modified.

itemName - Name of the item to be added.

itemDataType - The Notes data type of the new itemVal. See the section on Data Types for more information.

itemVal - Value to be added for itemName.

itemValLen - Size of itemVal in bytes.

Output : (routine) - NOERROR ERR_DIR_NULL_ARGUMENT If hEntry, itemName, or itemVal are NULL. ... An ERR status on failure indicating the problem.

See Also : DirEntryDelete DirEntryFree DirEntryItemDelete DirEntryUpdate