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Function : Extension Manager
SMTPConnectEMCallback - Extension Manager callback for EM_SMTPCONNECT

#include <extmgr.h>

    DWORD  SessionID,
    char *RemoteIP,
    char *RemoteHost,
    BOOL &  PossibleRelay,
    char *Greeting,
    DWORD  MaxGreetingLength);
Description :

EM_SMTPCONNECT is called when an inbound SMTP connection has been detected.

The Extension Manager EM_BEFORE notification type for the EM_SMTPCONNECT event occurs when an inbound SMTP connection has been detected and prior to the execution of the internal Domino SMTP restriction controls. The callback routine can implement its own anti-relay checks and/or bypass Domino related checks through the use of PossibleRelay BOOL and return status of value NOERROR. Return STATUS other than ERR_EM_CONTINUE or NOERROR sets AccessDenied flag which causes subsequent commands to be rejected.

The Extension Manager EM_AFTER notification type for the EM_SMTPCONNECT event occurs after the SMTP listener task has accepted the connection but prior to sending the SMTP greeting to the connecting host.

Parameters : Input : SessionID - Unique session identifier for the current process.

RemoteIP - NULL terminated string containing IP address of connecting host.

RemoteHost - NULL terminated string containing host name of connecting host if reverse DNS lookup was successful. If lookup was unsuccessful, the string length will be zero.

PossibleRelay - Indicator whether connecting host should be treated as possible relay or not.

MaxGreetingLength - Size of buffer allocated to modify Greeting.

Output : (routine) - Return status from the call EM_BEFORE event: NOERROR indicates to skip configured relay and RBL checks; Value other than ERR_EM_CONTINUE indicates further commands should be rejected from host. EM_AFTER event: Value other than ERR_EM_CONTINUE is ignored.

Greeting - EM_BEFORE event: NULL; EM_AFTER event: Greeting that will be returned to the connecting host. Callback routine can modify the string.

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