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CDF xxx

Symbolic Value : Views

#include <nifcoll.h>

Symbolic Values :

CDF_S_descending      -  (Shift) Number of bits to shift to access the CDF_M_descending field.

CDF_M_descending      -  (Mask) True if descending; False if ascending order (default).

CDF_M_ignoreprefixes      -  If prefix list, then ignore for sorting.

CDF_M_caseinsensitive     -  * OBSOLETE * - see CDF_M_caseinsensitive_in_v5.

(Mask) If set, text compares are case-insensitive.

CDF_M_accentinsensitive   -  * OBSOLETE * - see CDF_M_accentinsensitive_in_v5.

(Mask) If set, text compares are accent-insensitive.

CDF_M_permuted    -  (Mask) If set, lists are permuted.

CDF_M_permuted_pairwise   -  (Mask) Qualifier if lists are permuted; if set, lists are pairwise permuted, otherwise lists are multiply permuted.

CDF_M_flat_in_v5      -  (Mask) If set, treat as permuted.

CDF_M_casesensitive_in_v5     -  (Mask) If set, text compares are case-sensitive.

CDF_M_accentsensitive_in_v5   -  (Mask) If set, text compares are accent-sensitive.

Description :

Bit field masks used to access components of the Flags field in the COLLATE_DESCRIPTOR structure.