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Function : Database
NSFQueryDBAddArgs - Build a list of values to input into a Domino Query Language (DQL) query.

#include <dbmisc.h>

    QUEP_ARGVAL *pArg,
    MEMHANDLE *phQargList);
Description :

Build a lists of values to input into a DQL query, specifying arguments through QUEP_ARGVAL structure. Validates QUEP_ARGVAL structure and compares to stored values. Returns NOERROR and MEMHANDLE (phQargList) if successful. If errors are found in parsing arguments or if validation fails, returns ERR_MISC_INVALID_ARGS. If memory errors are found, returns ERR_MEMORY.

Parameters : Input : pArg - A value, ordinal, or name for the argument to build.

Output : (routine) - Returns status from the call, either success or an error. The return codes include: NOERROR - On success. ERR_MISC_INVALID_ARGS - Invalid arguments. ERR_MEMORY - Memory failure.

phQargList - Set of QUEP_ARGVALs that were built.

Sample Usage :

    /* To build argument list for DQL 
    pArg is pointer to a QUEP_ARGVAL struct built prior to this call. */
  QUEP_ARGVAL pArg = {0};
    pArg.type = TYPE_TEXT;
    strncpy(pArg.Value, "\'This is another line of simple text.\'", 
    pArg.length = strlen(pArg.Value);
    pArg.bBinaryForm = FALSE;
    if (err = NSFQueryDBAddArgs(&pArg, &phQArgList))
   goto errout; 
    if (err = NSFQueryDBExt2(..., phQArgList)) 
     goto errout;
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