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Data Type : Main Routines
EXPORTED_LIBRARY_PROC - Pointer to a custom library's initialization routine. For NLM applications only.

#include <global.h>

Definition :

typedef void EXPORTED_LIBRARY_PROC(void);

Description :

This is the definition of a pointer to a function that is a custom library's initialization routine. It is used when calling the function, NotesLibraryMain() in order to provide the address of a custom library's initialization routine to Notes.

Sample Usage :

    #ifdef NLM
STATUS LNPUBLIC DBDInit(DBVEC *drv);           /* Prototype for the
                                                    driver's entry point */
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
   /* Call the Notes routine, NotesLibraryMain, passing in a pointer
      to the hook driver's entry point.  Notes will then call this
      hook driver when appropriate. */

    return ( (int) NotesLibraryMain (
                      argc, argv,
                      (EXPORTED_LIBRARY_PROC *) DBDInit) );

See Also : NotesLibraryMain