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Data Type : DSAPI
FilterAuthConfigFlags - DSAPI FilterAuthenticate authFlags

#include <dsapi.h>

Definition :

typedef enum {
   kAuthAllowBasic         = 1,
   kAuthAllowAnonymous     = 2,
   kAuthAllowSSLCert       = 4,
   kAuthAllowSSLBasic      = 8,
   kAuthAllowSSLAnonymous  = 16,
   kAuthRedirectToSSL      = 32
} FilterAuthConfigFlags;

Description :

The authentication options enabled for the server. The values for a server can be found under the Internet Ports section within the server document. The values can be added together.

    kAuthAllowBasic - The server allows basic authentication by providing a user name and password.
    kAuthAllowAnonymous - The server allows anonymous access to public (non protected) documents.
    kAuthAllowSSLCert - The server allows SSL authentication using an SSL client certificate.
    kAuthAllowSSLBasic - The server allows SSL authentication by providing a user name and password.
    kAuthAllowSSLAnonymous - The server allows anonymous SSL authentication to public (non protected) documents.
    kAuthRedirectToSSL - The server allows redirections to SSL authentication for documents that are SSL protected.

See Also : FilterAuthenticate