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Function : Item (Field)
NSFNoteHasReadersField - Check whether a note has a readers field.

#include <nsfnote.h>
BOOL NSFNoteHasReadersField(

    DHANDLE  hnote,
    BLOCKID  retbhItem);
Description :

Scan all items in a note and check whether the note has at least one item type that is ITEM_READERS.

Parameters : Input : hnote - It is an open Note handle.

Output : (routine) - Returns TRUE, if note has at least one item type ITEM_READERS. FALSE, if no ITEM_READERS type present.

retbhItem - If ITEM_READERS field is present then the BLOCKID of first object item is returned.

Sample Usage :

    /* hnote is an opened document of NOTEHANDLE type. */ 
    BLOCKID bhRFItem; /* Store block id of first item with readers type. */ 
    if (NSFNoteHasReadersField(hnote, &bhRFItem)) 
     printf("Document has at least one reader field"); 
     printf("Document has no reader fields"); 
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