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Function : Number
ConvertTextToFLOAT - Converts a character number string to FLOAT.

#include <misc.h>

    const void far *IntlFormat,
    const NFMT far *NumberFormat,
    char far * far *ppInputText,
    WORD  InputTextMaxLength,
    NUMBER far *retNumber);
Description :

This function converts a character number string into a floating point number.

You may also optionally request a nonstandard format for the number string by setting up an NFMT and/or an INTLFORMAT structure. Use NULL if the standard "current" settings are acceptable.

Parameters : Input : IntlFormat - A pointer to a structure containing the internationalization settings in effect. You retrieve these settings in an INTLFORMAT structure by calling OSGetIntlSettings. This must be done BEFORE calling ConvertTextToFLOAT. Can be NULL, in which case this function invokes OSGetIntlSettings and works with those settings for the duration of the call.

NumberFormat - A pointer to an NFMT structure -- which specifies the format and attributes of the number text string. This structure must be populated by you before calling ConvertTextToFLOAT. See NFMT_xxx, NATTR_xxx for an explanation of the definitions. Can be NULL, in which case this function creates a default NFMT structure with the following settings:

NumberFormat->Digits = 2; NumberFormat->Format = NFMT_GENERAL; NumberFormat->Attributes = 0;

ppInputText - A pointer to a pointer to the buffer containing the character number text. This buffer should have a maximum length of MAXALPHANUMBER. NOTE: This function will parse the input string until the first non-numeric character is found. Thus, if the string "123X456" is passed to the function, the function will return without error, having placed the value 123 in the retNumber variable.

InputTextMaxLength - The maximum number of characters in ppInputText, usually MAXALPHANUMBER.

Output : (routine) - Return status from this call -- indicates either success or what the error is. The return codes include:

NOERROR - Conversion successful. ERR_FLOAT_CONVERSION - Cannot convert text to a number. This error indicates that the character number string is a not valid number. A common cause for this error is a number string that begins with an invalid character.
ERR_IFMT - Invalid International Format Specifier. ERR_NFMT - Invalid Number Format Specifier.

ppInputText - The original pointer incremented by the number of characters converted.

retNumber - The address of a NUMBER variable in which to store the returned FLOAT.

Sample Usage :

 *  Save ptr to start of string, and get length of
 *  input string.

  pStringBegin = pInputText;    /* save pointer to 
  length = strlen(pInputText);

 *  convert the string into a floating point number. If an
 *  error is returned, return it immediately. 

  if (sError = ConvertTextToFLOAT(NULL,

    return (ERR(sError));

.*  If no error, see if the function processed the entire string.
 *  If the number of bytes processed by the function is not equal
 *  to the length of the string, it probably means that the string
 *  contained invalid characters.

  if ((pInputText - pStringBegin) != length)
   perform appropriate processing.
See Also : ConvertFLOATToText OSGetIntlSettings