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Data Type : Calendaring and Scheduling
RQST_SCHED_OBJ - Scheduling Reply/Request object.

#include <schgtw.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   DWORD         dwOptions;        /* see SCHRQST_xxx */
   WORD          wNumHops;         /* number of hops so far */
   TIMEDATE_PAIR Interval;         /* interval */
   UNID          ApptUnid;         /* Unid of appt to ignore
                                      busytime for */
   TIMEDATE      ApptOrigDate;     /* (Orginizer 2.x) the orig date
                                      of ignored appt */
   DWORD         reserved[10];
   WORD          wClientNamesSize; /* queryer's name length
                                      (includes term.) */
   WORD          wServerNameSize;  /* Lotus Domino Server name length
                                      (includes term.) */
/* Followed by Client name doing the query (NULL terminated) */
/* Followed by name of Lotus Domino Server to forward this request to
  (NULL terminated). */

Description :

Scheduling Reply/Request object.

See Also : SCHRQST_xxx SchContainer_GetRequest