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Symbolic Value : Field
OBJECT_xxx - Object types used in OBJECT_DESCRIPTOR structure

#include <nsfdata.h>

Symbolic Values :

OBJECT_NO_COPY    -  A flag that may be bitwise OR-ed with the object type value. Prevents object from being copied when note is copied.

OBJECT_PRESERVE   -  A flag that may be bitwise OR-ed with the object type to prevent Domino or Notes from deleting the object when a note that refers to the object is deleted.

OBJECT_PUBLIC     -  Public access object being allocated.

OBJECT_FILE   -  File Attachment.

OBJECT_FILTER_LEFTTODO    -  The $LeftToDo object associated with a macro: has an ID table of docs not yet processed by the macro.

OBJECT_ASSIST_RUNDATA     -  Assistant run data object.

OBJECT_UNKNOWN    -  Unknown object type. Specify in NSFDbGetObjectSize() if you do not know the object type.

Description :

These values reside in the ObjectType member of the OBJECT_DESCRIPTOR structure. They are also specified in the ObjectType argument to the function NSFDbGetObjectSize(). The object type characterizes what sort of information resides in an object.

All items of type TYPE_OBJECT have an OBJECT_DESCRIPTOR structure. The ObjectType member of the OBJECT_DESCRIPTOR structure differentiates between different types of objects.

File attachments are items of type TYPE_OBJECT with field name $FILE and object type OBJECT_FILE.

Macro left-to-do lists are items of type TYPE_OBJECT with field name $LeftToDo and object type OBJECT_FILTER_LEFTTODO.

For either of the above object types, you may specify OBJECT_UNKNOWN as the ObjectType argument to NSFDbGetObjectSize() and obtain the correct result.

OBJECT_NO_COPY and OBJECT_PRESERVE flags may be bitwise OR-ed with certain object types. These flags affect how Domino or Notes handles objects when copying or updating a note containing the object. Normally these flags are not used with either of the above object types.

Sample Usage :

    DWORD       dwObjectID;
    BLOCKID     bidLeftToDo; 

    /* Assume Windows platform. Code below must
       be modified to convert the OBJECT_DESCRIPTOR to
       Domino Canonical Format in order to be portable.

    objLeftToDo.ObjectType = OBJECT_FILTER_LEFTTODO ;
    objLeftToDo.RRV = dwObjectID;

    dwItemSize = (DWORD) (sizeof(WORD) + sizeof(OBJECT_DESCRIPTOR));

    if (error = OSMemAlloc(0, dwItemSize, &(bidLeftToDo.pool)))
        printf ("Error: unable to allocate %ld bytes for LeftToDo item.\n",
        NSFDbFreeObject(hDb, dwObjectID);
        goto Exit1;

    bidLeftToDo.block = NULLHANDLE;

    pw = OSLockBlock(WORD, bidLeftToDo);
    *pw = TYPE_OBJECT;
    pobj = (OBJECT_DESCRIPTOR*)pw;
    *pobj = objLeftToDo;

    if (error = NSFItemAppendObject(hMacro, ITEM_SUMMARY,
                            TRUE))      /* Notes will deallocate memory */
        printf ("Error: unable to append %s item.\n", FILTER_LEFTTODO_ITEM);
        goto Exit1;

See Also : OBJECT_DESCRIPTOR FILEOBJECT NSFNoteAttachFile NSFItemAppendObject NSFDbGetObjectSize