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Function : Main Routines
NotesInitIni - * OBSOLETE * Initialize Notes using alternate .ini file.

#include <global.h>

    char far *pConfigFileName);
Description :

OBSOLETE - Included for backward compatibility only

NotesInitIni essentially performs the same function as NotesInit with the additional capability of being able to specify the notes.ini file. It is supported under OS/2 and Windows 32-bit applications only and is an alternative to NotesInit and to NotesInitExtended. API programs that run under other operating systems, such as UNIX, must not call this function. As of R5.0 of the Lotus C API for Domino and Notes, you may specify the notes.ini file with NotesInitExtended on all platforms.

This routine initializes the Domino or Notes runtime system using the specified file in place of notes.ini. API programs that start with main() and need to use NotesInitIni, must call NotesInitIni before calling any other C API functions. After completing all C API actions and before the program exits, call NotesTerm. Call this routine once and only once per task.

Applications may use more than one thread of execution accessing Domino or Notes. Each thread must call NotesInitThread before making calls to Notes and NotesTermThread before the thread terminates.

Parameters : Input : pConfigFileName - Pointer to the null-terminated pathname of the alternate initialization file.

Output : (routine) - (routine) - NOERROR if successfull, or a non-zero return value if unable to initialize the Notes runtime system.

See Also : NotesInit NotesInitExtended NotesTerm NotesInitThread NotesTermThread