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Symbolic Value : Navigators
VM_DROBJ_FLAGS_xxx - Navigator display flags

#include <vmods.h>

Symbolic Values :

VM_DROBJ_FLAGS_VISIBLE    -  The object is visible

VM_DROBJ_FLAGS_SELECTABLE     -  The object can be select (i.e. is not background)

VM_DROBJ_FLAGS_LOCKED     -  The object can't be edited

VM_DROBJ_FLAGS_IMAGEMAP_BITMAP    -  Stored only for objects of type SIG_CD_VMBITMAP. The bitmap was generated for display in Web browsers via a Domino server, and is not displayed when opened in Notes.

Description :

These flags control how a graphic object in a Navigator is displayed. These flags are stored in the flags field of the common record headers (VMODSdrobj and VMODSbigobj) in the Navigator records (VIEWMAP_xxx_RECORD).

See Also : VMODSbigobj VMODSdrobj