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Symbolic Value : Views
NIF_STAT_xxx - Description of codes used in certain view note items.

#include <nifcoll.h>

Symbolic Values :

NIF_STAT_NONE     -  No subtotalling.

NIF_STAT_TOTAL    -  Total of values in subtree.

NIF_STAT_AVG_PER_CHILD    -  Total / # direct entries in parent's index (1 level only below parent).

NIF_STAT_PCT_OVERALL      -  Total / total of values in entire index.

NIF_STAT_PCT_PARENT   -  Total / total of values in parent's index.

NIF_STAT_AVG_PER_ENTRY    -  Total / # descendants in parent's index (all levels below parent).

NIF_STAT_AVERAGE      -  Obsolete symbol.

Description :

In $Totals view note item:
Use these flags to specify whether/which subtotals are to be kept for each summary buffer item. The $Totals item is a TYPE_TEXT_LIST item, where each member of the text list is a string which can be converted into one of the following codes by doing a "atoi" function on it. The order of the members of the text list MUST MATCH the order of the entries in the summary buffer, even if it means putting a blank string for a column which doesn't have any totalling. All of these statistics are kept in each subindex header, and apply to all entries of that subindex AND ALL SUBINDEXES BELOW IT.

In $VIEWFORMAT view note item:
Use these flags to set the SubtotalCode bits of the Flags2 member of a VIEW_COLUMN_FORMAT structure.