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Function : Signal Handler
IXPostMessage - Place a text string in the Workstation's Status Bar.

#include <ixport.h>
void IXPostMessage(

    char far *str);
Description :

This MACRO provides a simple wrapper for OSGetSignalHandler, that allows you to place/post a null-terminated string in the message/status area of the Status Bar of the Lotus Notes workstation application. This function can be used to provide OS independent status updates to the user. This function should only be used in a GUI environment.


Note: You may wish to provide a suitable delay in your code during which, the user is able to absorb the contents of the message. This is because the Workstation application may update the Status Bar as soon as your program relinquishes control. The usual cause is a mail delivery notification message or some network broadcast.

Parameters : Input : str - A pointer to a null-terminated string containing the message you would like to display.

Output : (routine) - None.

Sample Usage :

/* Open the Export file */
IXPostMessage("Begin writing the Export file.");
for (count = 0; count < 1048576; count++) /* Poor night's sleep */;
   hExpFile = OpenFile( FileName, &ExpOfStruct, OF_CREATE);
See Also : OSGetSignalHandler