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Function : Main Routines
NotesLibraryMain - * OBSOLETE * Provide the address of a library initialization routine to Notes. For NLM applications only.

#include <global.h>

    int  argc,
    char far * far *argv,
Description :

This function allows you to create NLM custom executable program libraries that are called by Notes. Note Open/Note Update Hook Drivers and external database drivers are examples of custom executable program libraries.

To create a custom executable program library under NetWare, create a main program. In the main program, call this function to provide the address of the custom library's initialization routine.

The argc and argv arguments are the same as those passed to the application's main function. The initproc argument is a function pointer to the custom library initialization routine.

Parameters : Input : argc - The number of command line arguments the program was invoked with

argv - Far pointer to an array of far pointers to null-terminated character strings that contain the arguments the program was invoked with

initproc - Function pointer to the custom library's initialization routine

Output : (routine) - NOERROR if successfull, or a non-zero return value if not successful

Sample Usage :

#ifdef NLM
STATUS LNPUBLIC DBDInit(DBVEC *drv);           /* Prototype for the
                                                    driver's entry point */
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
   /* Call the Notes routine, NotesLibraryMain, passing in a pointer
      to the hook driver's entry point.  Notes will then call this
      hook driver when appropriate. */

    return ( (int) NotesLibraryMain (
                      argc, argv,
                      (EXPORTED_LIBRARY_PROC *) DBDInit) );