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Data Type : Composite Data
CDTEXTPROPERTY - Language information for a field or a run of rich text.

#include <editods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
    WSIG Header;        /* Signature and length of this record */
 char TextStyleName[MAX_TEXTSTYLE_NAME]; /* Text Style Name */
 char LangName[MAX_ISO_LANG_SIZE];     /* Language Tagging information */
 /* There should be more info here */
 DWORD Flags;
 DWORD Reserved2;
 DWORD Reserved3;

Description :

This CD record contains language information for a field or a run of rich text. The fields in this record are:

    Header - Signature and Length of this CD record.
    TextStyleName - Style name if using a named text style, else set to NULL. Maximum size is MAX_TEXTSTYLE_NAME.
    LangName - Language name information in primary-secondary format, for example: "FR-CA" for French Canadian. Maximum size is MAX_ISO_LANG_SIZE.
    PropID - Position of language in the text properties table.
    Flags - Currently set to zero.
    Reserved2 - Reserved for future use.
    Reserved3 - Reserved for future use.

    A field or a run of rich text may contain language information. This language information is stored in a $TEXTPROPERTIES item. The start or end of a span of language information is indicated by a CDSPANRECORD structure. The $TEXTPROPERTIES item and the CDSPANRECORD structures may be stored on a form note and/or a document.

    A $TEXTPROPERTIES item (also known as a text properties table) is an item of TYPE_COMPOSITE which consists of a CDTEXTPROPERTIESTABLE structure, followed by a CDTEXTPROPERTY structure for each language present.

    A CDSPANRECORD record with a SIG_CD_SPAN_BEGIN signature is followed by CD records pertaining to either a field or a run of rich text, and a CDSPANRECORD record with a SIG_CD_SPAN_END signature.

    A CDTEXTPROPERTIESTABLE NumberOfEntries member reflects the number of CDTEXTPROPERTY records to follow. Each of these CDTEXTPROPERTY records' PropID member reflects the position of its language in the text properties table. A CDSPANRECORD PropID member corresponds to the value of the PropID member of a CDTEXTPROPERTY record.