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Function : HTML
HTMLSetReferenceText - Set reference text to the HTML converter

#include <htmlapi.h>

    DWORD  Index,
    char *pRefText);
Description :

1) A reference is a HTML reference in the notes generated HTML output. For example, if there exist a section in the notes document. The section is as below:

section part 1 section part 2

The HTML output generated from this section will be like as below:

details for Below is a section: This is a section:

    1. section part 1
    2. section part2

The text in pink color is an example of HTML reference converted from a notes document. in this reference , it has two targets(please refer to the DATA structure HTMLAPIReference).One target is the name of the nsf database where the notes document locates in.The other target is the section's unid within the picture.nsf database.

2) You can use this API to change the text associated with a reference. For example, you can replace the reference above with null or something else, it depends on your business requirements.

Parameters : Input : hHTML - handle to the converter

Index - zero relative index of the reference to get the new text

pRefText - null terminated string -- the new reference text.

Output : (routine) - NOERROR - Successful. ERR_xxx - Errors returned by lower level functions. Call to OSLoadString to interpret the error status as a string that you may display/log for the user.

Sample Usage :

        STATUS rslt = NOERROR;
       char* pszBinaryText = NULL;
       FILE* PictureFile = NULL;
       DWORD wTextLength;
       rslt = HTMLGetProperty(hHTML, HTMLAPI_PROP_TEXTLENGTH, &wTextLength))
       pszBinaryText = malloc(wTextLength);
       if(rslt = HTMLGetText(hHTML, 0, &wTextLength, pszBinaryText))
        return rslt;
       PictureFie = fopen(PictureName, "wb");
       fwrite(pszBinaryText, 1, wTextLength, PictureFie);
       if(rslt = HTMLSetReferenceText(cvtr, refi, PictureName)) 
        return rslt;

See Also : HTMLAPIReference HTMLGetReference HTMLGetText HTMLHANDLE