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Symbolic Value : Database
DB2NSF_INFO_xxx - Flags for NSFDB2GetInfo.

#include <nsfdb.h>

Symbolic Values :

DB2NSF_INFO_IS_DB2_BACKED     -  If the database is DB2, the buffer will contain a "1". If the database is NSF, the buffer will contain a "0". Maximum returned buffer size for this flag is "sizeof(DWORD)".

DB2NSF_INFO_SCHEMA_NAME   -  The name, in LMBCS, of the database schema.

DB2NSF_INFO_TABLESPACE_NAME   -  The name, in LMBCS, of the DB2 tablespace.

DB2NSF_INFO_TSID      -  (LUW only) returns TSID of DB2 tablespace containing NSFDB2 database

DB2NSF_INFO_USERSCHEMA_NAME   -  returns the user schema associated with Domino Access View table & view data.

DB2NSF_INFO_CLASS_DESC    -  The nsfdb2 class designation that can be used by third party software applications to group similar NSFDB2 databases.

Description :

The type of information for NSFDB2GetInfo to return.

See Also : NSFDB2GetInfo