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Function : Extension Manager
JournalMessageEMCallback - Extension Manager callback for EM_ROUTERJOURNALMESSAGE

#include <extmgr.h>
STATUS LNPUBLIC JournalMessageEMCallback(

    DBHANDLE  hMailBoxHandle,
    NOTEID  NoteID);
Description :

EM_ROUTERJOURNALMESSAGE occurs when the router has received a message that has been marked to be journalled. It can be called only when: 1) the server has mail journalling enabled and 2) there is a system mail rule that has "Journal this message" for some selected set of e-mail messages.

Journaling does not disrupt the normal routing of a message. It saves a copy of the selected messages to configured journal database for later review/retrieval.

Parameters : Input : hMailBoxHandle - Handle of the mail box.

NoteID - Note ID of the message.

Output : (routine) - ERR_EM_CONTINUE - Continue processing.

See Also : EM_xxx