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Symbolic Value : LDAP
LDAP_xxx_INFO_VERSION - LDAP execution information.

#include <ldap.h>

Symbolic Values :

LDAP_API_INFO_VERSION     -  A number that identifies the version of the LDAPAPIInfo structure. See LDAPAPIInfo.

LDAP_FEATURE_INFO_VERSION     -  A number that identifies the version of the LDAPAPIFeatureInfo structure. See LDAPAPIFeatureInfo.

Description :

When LDAP_OPT_API_INFO is passed to ldap_get_option (see ldap_get_option and LDAP_OPT_xxx), the ldapai_info_version field of the LDAPAPIInfo or LDAPAPIFeatureInfo structures SHOULD be set to one of the appropriate values below, before calling ldap_get_option so that it can be checked for consistency.

See Also : LDAPAPIFeatureInfo LDAPAPIInfo ldap_get_option LDAP_OPT_xxx