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Function : Profile Document
NSFProfileSetField - Set the value of a field in a profile document.

#include <nsfnote.h>

    const char *ProfileName,
    WORD  ProfileNameLength,
    const char *UserName,
    WORD  UserNameLength,
    const char *FieldName,
    WORD  FieldNameLength,
    WORD  Datatype,
    void *Value,
    DWORD  ValueLength);
Description :

Set the value of a field in a profile document. The document is opened/created automatically if it is not already open or already defined in the database. If a field by that name doesn't exist in the document, it is created. If the field already exists, the value is replaced by the specified value. If the Value parameter is NULL, the field is deleted from the document. The document is updated in the database each time this routine is called.

Parameters : Input : hDB - Handle to the database where the profile document exists.

ProfileName - Name of the profile.

ProfileNameLength - Length of the profile name.

UserName - Name of the user of this profile. Optional - may be NULL. Note: For each profile document created, the UserName is contained in a TYPE_TEXT field named $Name. This $Name field is represented as "prefix_nnnprofilename_username" where: prefix = the type of document nnn = 3 digit character representation of the length of the profile name profilename = the name of the profile document username = the UserName of the profile An example of this field from a "Calendar Profile" document created from the Notes client would be, $profile_015calendarprofile_. Here the UserName is blank since this profile was created with the Notes client. Therefore to retrieve this profile, use NULL for UserName. Another example of a profile document where UserName may be blank is the "Delegation Profile". This profile is also created using the Notes client.

UserNameLength - Length of the user name.

FieldName - Name of the field of which to set the value.

FieldNameLength - Length of the field name.

Datatype - Datatype of the field.

Value - Pointer to the new value of the field, not including the datatype word. If NULL is specified, then the field is deleted from the document.

ValueLength - Length of the value of the field, not including the datatype word.

Output : (routine) - NOERROR - Successfully set the field value within the profile document. ERR_xxx - Use OSLoadString to display the error returned.

Sample Usage :

char UserName[]="John Doe";
char FieldName[]="Owner";

   /* Open the database. */

   if (error = NSFDbOpen (path_name, &db_handle))
 print_api_error (error);

   /* Set the "Owner" item to "John Doe's" "CalendarProfile" document */

   if( error = NSFProfileSetField( db_handle, MAIL_CALENDAR_PROFILE_FORM,
          UserName, (WORD) strlen(UserName),
          FieldName, (WORD) strlen(FieldName),
          TYPE_TEXT, UserName, (DWORD) strlen(UserName)))
 print_api_error (error);
    NSFDbClose( db_handle );
 exit (EXIT_FAILURE); 
See Also : NSFProfileGetField