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ACTION xxx (flags)

Symbolic Value : Form
ACTION_xxx (flags) - CDACTION Flags

#include <actods.h>

Symbolic Values :

ACTION_SHOW_IN_MENU   -  Display in the "Actions" pull-down menu.

ACTION_SHOW_IN_BAR    -  Display in the action button bar.

ACTION_SHOW_WHEN_PREVIEWING   -  Show the action when previewing the document.

ACTION_SHOW_WHEN_READING      -  Show the action when reading the document.

ACTION_SHOW_WHEN_EDITING      -  Show the action when editing the document.

ACTION_SHOW_ON_OLE_LAUNCH     -  Show when launching OLE object.

ACTION_OLE_CLOSE_WHEN_CHOSEN      -  Close the OLE object when this action is selected.

ACTION_NO_FORMULA     -  No "hide when" formula is stored for this action.

ACTION_SHOW_WHEN_PREVEDITING      -  Show when editing in the preview window.

ACTION_OLE_DOC_WINDOW_TO_FRONT    -  Bring the OLE document window to the front when this action is selected.

ACTION_HIDE_FROM_NOTES    -  Do not display in Notes.

ACTION_HIDE_FROM_WEB      -  Do not display in Web browsers.

ACTION_READING_ORDER_RTL      -  Action reading order from right.

ACTION_SHARED     -  Action is shared.

ACTION_MODIFIED   -  Action has been modified (not saved on disk).

ACTION_ALWAYS_SHARED      -  Flag not saved on disk.

ACTION_ALIGN_ICON_RIGHT   -  Right align action button

ACTION_IMAGE_RESOURCE_ICON    -  Use graphic image icon.

ACTION_FRAME_TARGET   -  Use target frame.

ACTION_TEXT_ONLY_IN_MENU      -  Shows only icon in button bar. (Displays text in the Action menu if ACTION_SHOW_IN_MENU flag is set).

ACTION_BUTTON_TO_RIGHT    -  Show button on opposite side from action bar direction.

ACTION_SHOW_IN_POPUPMENU      -  Show action in pop-up menu.

ACTION_HIDE_FROM_MOBILE   -  Hide action from mobile users.

ACTION_ODS_FLAG_MASK      -  Bit mask for the CDACTION flag bits.

Description :

Possible values for the Flags member of the CDACTION structure. These values further describe attributes for the action.