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Symbolic Value : IDs
SPECIAL_ID_NOTE - Used in combination with NOTE_CLASS_xxx when calling NSFDbGetSpecialNoteID.

#include <nsfdb.h>

Symbolic Values :

Description :

Define NSF Special Note ID Indices. The first 16 of these are reserved for "default notes" in each of the 16 note classes. In order to access these, use SPECIAL_ID_NOTE+NOTE_CLASS_xxx. This is generally used when calling NSFDbGetSpecialNoteID. Note: NSFNoteOpen, NSFDbReadObject and NSFDbWriteObject support reading special notes or objects directly (without calling NSFDbGetSpecialNoteID). They use a DIFFERENT flag with a similar name: NOTE_ID_SPECIAL (see nsfnote.h). Remember this rule:

SPECIAL_ID_NOTE is a 16 bit mask and is used as a NoteClass argument.
NOTE_ID_SPECIAL is a 32 bit mask and is used as a NoteID or RRV argument.

Note: Whenever a new SPECIAL_ID is added, the table in \nsf\dbio\dbfhinfo.c must be updated. This table specifies which note class each SPECIAL_ID is treated as for access checking purposes.

See Also : NOTE_CLASS_xxx NSFDbGetSpecialNoteID