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Ber free

Function : Basic Encoding Rules
ber_free - Frees a BerElement.

#include <lber.h>
void LNPUBLIC ber_free(

    BerElement *ber,
    int  freebuf);
Description :

Frees a BerElement which is returned from the API calls ber_alloc_t() or ber_init(). Each BerElement should be freed by the caller.

Implemented as a macro:

define ber_free(ber, freebuf) ND_ber_free((ber), (freebuf))

Parameters : Input : ber - Pointer to a BerElement structure.

freebuf - BER functions always set this parameter to 1 to ensure that the internal buffer used by the BER functions is freed as well as the BerElement container itself. (Note: LDAP functions set this parameter to 0).

Output : (routine) - None.

Sample Usage :

ber_free(ber, 0);
See Also : BerElement ber_alloc_t ber_init