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Function : Mail Gateway
MailGetMessageRecipient - Returns recipient address of one of the recipients of a message.

#include <mailserv.h>
STATUS LNPUBLIC MailGetMessageRecipient(

    DARRAY far *MessageList,
    WORD  Message,
    WORD  RecipientNum,
    char far *RecipientName,
    WORD  RecipientNameSize,
    WORD far *RecipientNameLength);
Description :

This function returns the recipient address of one of the recipients of a message. The address is composed of the foreign user name and foreign domain name. For example, "SYS1.KAWELL @ Profs".

Parameters : Input : MessageList - Message list pointer.

Message - Message number (0-n).

RecipientNum - Recipient number (0-n).

RecipientNameSize - Recipient Address string buffer length.

Output : (routine) - Return status from the call -- indicates either success (NOERROR) or what the error is.

RecipientName - Recipient's address string (null-terminated).

RecipientNameLength - Recipient's address string length (not including '\0').

Sample Usage :

    STATUS      error = NOERROR;
    HANDLE      hMessageList;
    WORD        MessageCount, Msg, RecipientCount, Rec;
    char        RecipientName[MAXRECIPIENTNAME+1];
    WORD        RecipientNameLength;
    char        UserName[MAXUSERNAME + 1];
    WORD        UserNameLength;
    char        DomainName[MAXDOMAINNAME+1];
    WORD        DomainNameLength;

        if (error = MailGetMessageInfo(MessageList, Msg, 
                            &RecipientCount, NULL, NULL))
            printf ("Error: unable to get number of recipients in message.\n");
            MailCloseMessage (hMessage);
            goto Exit2;
        printf ("\tNumber of Recipients = %d.\n", RecipientCount);

        for (Rec = 0; Rec < RecipientCount; Rec++)
            MailGetMessageRecipient(MessageList, Msg, Rec, RecipientName,
                    sizeof(RecipientName), &RecipientNameLength);
            MailParseMailAddress(RecipientName, RecipientNameLength, 
                    UserName, sizeof(UserName), &UserNameLength,
                    DomainName, sizeof(DomainName), &DomainNameLength);

            UserName[UserNameLength] = '\0';
            DomainName[DomainNameLength] = '\0';
            printf ("\t\tRecipient %d = '%s'\t Domain = '%s'\n", Rec,
                                UserName, DomainName);
        }   /* end of loop over recipients */
See Also : MailParseMailAddress MailDeleteMessageRecipient