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Function : OS Library
OSLoadLibrary - Load a library module and get the main entry point function

#include <osmisc.h>

    const char far *LibraryName,
    DWORD  Flags,
    HMODULE far *rethModule,
    void far *retEntryPoint);
Description :

This function loads the specified library module and returns a pointer to the main entry point function in the library. Use OSLoadLibrary to load and execute software modules at run time.

OSLoadLibrary provides C API programs with a platform-independent procedure for loading and executing library modules dynamically at run time. Under Windows, this function results in a call to the function LoadLibrary (see the Microsoft Windows SDK Reference).

OSLoadLibrary can be used to load any library module that is identified to your program at run time. For example, C API programs can use OSLoadLibrary to load Notes import/export libraries.

We now build/support versions of Windows that have SetDllDirectory. (see the reference link : ). So no need to check the version of the OS. Just need to check, if it's enabled via notes.ini(OS_USESETDLLDIR=1) or if it's not disabled(OS_DISABLESETDLLDIR=0) as we have turned it on by default.

Parameters : Input : LibraryName - File name of the executable program library module to load.

Flags - Reserved; must be 0.

Output : (routine) - Completion status of the operation, NOERROR if successful.

rethModule - Receives the module handle of the loaded library. Under Windows this is the instance handle of the loaded library. Under UNIX, the HMODULE is an identifier provided by Domino. Use the returned hModule in subsequent calls to OSFreeLibrary.

retEntryPoint - Receives the address of the main entry point to the loaded library. Under Windows, this is the ordinally first entry point exported by the Dynamic Link Library. Under other operating systems, this is the function with name "MainEntryPoint". The syntax for calling this function must be set by convention. Specifically, the syntax of the main entry point to Notes import/export library modules is defined by Data Type IXENTRYPROC.