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Function : Database
NSFDbInfoParse - Gets a specified piece of information from the database information buffer.

#include <nsfdb.h>
void LNPUBLIC NSFDbInfoParse(

    char far *Info,
    WORD  What,
    char far *Buffer,
    WORD  Length);
Description :

This function returns the specified piece of information from the given database information buffer. The database information buffer is obtained by a call to NSFDbInfoGet. This buffer contains the following pieces of information: database title, categories, class, and design class.

Database information appears in the Notes UI, in the File, Database, Properties InfoBox. Clicking the Basics tab displays the Title field with the database title. Selecting the Design tab opens the Design tabbed page. The database class is displayed in the Database is a template/Template Name field and the database design class is displayed in the Inherit design from template/Template Name field. The Categories field displays the database categories. Database categories are different than view categories. Database categories are keywords specified for the database. Each server's database catalog (CATALOG.NSF) contains a view, called Databases by Category, which lists only the categorized databases.

The database title also appears on the Notes Desktop below each database icon.

Parameters : Input : Info - A pointer to the database information buffer, obtained from NSFDbInfoGet.

What - What piece of information is to be returned: Use one of the INFOPARSE_xxx symbolic values to specify whether to modify the database title, categories, template name (for a design template database), or inherited template name (for a database that inherited its design from a design template).

Length - The maximum length of the returned buffer, not including the NULL terminator. If the returned buffer is of length NSF_INFO_SIZE (maximum size for the database information buffer), the use NSF_INFO_SIZE - 1 as this argument.

Output : Buffer - Pointer to the information to be returned. The information is returned as a NULL terminated string.

See Also : INFOPARSE_xxx NSFDbInfoGet