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HOST xxx

Symbolic Value : Note
HOST_xxx - File attachment definitions.

#include <nsfdata.h>

Symbolic Values :

HOST_MSDOS    -  Attached file is in DOS format. Each line in the file ends with <carriage return><newline>, with an optional ^Z at the end of the file.

HOST_OLE      -  The internal format of the file is unknown to Domino. The format is defined by the application that attached the file.

HOST_MAC      -  Attached file is in Macintosh format.

HOST_UNKNOWN      -  The attached file came in through a gateway, and its internal format is unknown.

HOST_HPFS     -  The attached file is in High Performance File System format. It may contain exended attributes and long filenames.

HOST_OLELIB   -  Attached file is an encapsulated OLE object.

HOST_BYTEARRAY_EXT    -  OLE 2 ILockBytes byte array extent table. Used to be HOST_DOCFILE (Attached file is an OLE 2.0 compound file).

HOST_BYTEARRAY_PAGE   -  OLE 2 ILockBytes byte array page.

HOST_MASK     -  Used for NSFNoteAttachFile() - Encoding argument.

HOST_CDSTORAGE    -  Externally stored CD records. Multiple blocks of CD records may be stored. The storage contains a WORD with the number of blocks, a WORD for each block with the length of the block, a WORD containing TYPE_COMPOSITE, and the actual CD records.

HOST_STREAM   -  Binary private stream.

HOST_LINK     -  Contains a RESOURCELINK to a named element.

HOST_LOCAL    -  Used only as an argument to NSFNoteAttachFile, this specifies that the file should be attached using the host type of the local operating system.

Description :

Specifies the file type used when attaching file to a note.

See Also : NSFNoteAttachFile