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Data Type : Composite Data
CDEMBEDEXTRAINFO - Structure to store any extra info about embedded elements.

#include <editods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct
    WSIG Header;
    WORD NameLength;
    DWORD Flags;
    DWORD Reserved[5];

Description :

This CD record stores extra info about embedded elements. The fields in this structure are:

    Header - Signature and length of this record.
    NameLength -
    Flags -
    Reserved - Reserved for future use - must be zero.

    These fields may be followed by an optional name. If you plan to use it, you will need to declare the variable and assign a value to its length.

    Note that rich text fields are items of type TYPE_COMPOSITE. Therefore, API programs that run on non-Intel architecture platforms must perform host/canonical conversion on CD record structures such as this when accessing rich text item data in a note.

See Also : SIG_CD_xxx