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Ldap sslinit

Function : LDAP
ldap_sslinit - Initializes a session with an LDAP server.

#include <ldap.h>
LDAP* ldap_sslinit(

    const  *hostname,
    int  portno,
    int  secure,
    DWORD  ssloptions,
    int  sslprotocolver);
Description :

This function initializes a secure session with an LDAP server and returns a "session handle," a pointer to an opaque structure that MUST be passed to subsequent calls pertaining to the session. This routine returns a NULL if the session cannot be initialized. Implemented as a macro: #define ldap_sslinit(hostname, portno, secure, ssloptions, sslprotocolver) \ ND_ldap_sslinit((hostname), (portno), (secure), (ssloptions), (sslprotocolver))

Parameters : Input : *hostname - A space-separated list of hostnames or dotted strings representing the IP address of hosts running an LDAP server to connect to. Each hostname in the list MAY include a port number which is separated from the host itself with a colon (:) character. The hosts will be tried in the order listed, stopping with the first one to which a successful connection is made.

portno - The TCP port number to connect to. The default LDAP port of 389 can be obtained by supplying the value zero (0) or the macro LDAP_PORT (389). If a host includes a port number then this parameter is ignored.

secure - TRUE to attempt a secure, encrypted connection. FALSE creates an unencrypted connection.

ssloptions - Refer LDAP_SSLOPTS_xxx / LDAP_SSLOPTS_SITECERTS - Accept the site certificate even if the Domino server does not have a certificate in common with the LDAP server. / / LDAP_SSLOPTS_ACCEPTEXPCERTS - Allow a connection to the LDAP server, even if the certificate is expired. / / LDAP_SSLOPTS_SENDCERTS - Send certificates. / / LDAP_SSLOPTS_SERVERAUTH - Make sure the host name is part of the subject line of the certificate. / / LDAP_SSLOPTS_PROMPTXCERT - Prompt for cross certificate. /

sslprotocolver - The SSL protocol version to use. 1 - SSLv2 only 2 - SSLv3 handshake 3 - SSLv3 only 4 - SSLv3 with SSLv2 handshake. 5 - negotiated

Output : (routine) - This routine returns a pointer to a session handle. In case of NULL if the session cannot be initialized.

Sample Usage :

const char *hostname ="" ; 
int portno=389; int secure =1;
 DWORD ssloptions=0; /*refer LDAP_SSLOPTS_xxx*/
 int sslprotocolver =3; 
if(ld = ldap_sslinit( hostname,portno,secure,ssloptions,sslprotocolver ))
// ldap_sslinit successful

printf ( "LDAP sslnit success");
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