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Function : Database
NSFItemCopyAndRename - Copy an item from one note to another note and rename it.

#include <nsfnote.h>
STATUS NSFItemCopyAndRename(

    DHANDLE  hnote,
    BLOCKID  bhItem,
    const char *pszNewItemName);
Description :

Copy a single item from one note to the end of another note. Optionally rename the item in the target note.

Parameters : Input : hnote - It is an open Note handle.

bhItem - The block id of the note item to be copied.

pszNewItemName - An optional new name for the destination item. If NULL, name is copied with original item.

Output : (routine) - Return status from the call either success or an error. NOERROR, on success.

Sample Usage :

    /* Presumes hSrcNote and hDstNote are both opened NOTEHANDLES prior to 
calling. */

  void far PASCAL CopyItem(NOTEHANDLE hSrcNote,char *pSrcItem, NOTEHANDLE 
hDstNote,char *pDstItem)
   BLOCKID bhItem;
   char *pEffectiveDstItem = (pDstItem ? pDstItem : pSrcItem);
     char szDstItem[MAXINTF]; 

     // To deal with both responses and the parent, shortcut a copy to 
     if (hSrcNote == hDstNote) 

     NSFItemDelete(hDstNote, szDstItem, Cstrlen(szDstItem));

     if (NOERROR == NSFItemInfo(hSrcNote, pSrcItem, Cstrlen(pSrcItem), 
&bhItem, NULL, NULL, NULL)) 
    BLOCKID bhNewItem; 

      NSFItemCopyAndRename(hDstNote, bhItem, szDstItem);

      if (NOERROR == NSFItemInfo(hDstNote, szDstItem, Cstrlen(szDstItem), 
&bhNewItem, NULL, NULL, NULL))
     NOTE_ITEM *item = OSLockBlock(NOTE_ITEM,bhNewItem);
     item->ItemFlags |= ITEM_SUMMARY; 
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